‘Built to Last’: 10 Obvious Things You Should NEVER Cheap Out On

woman next to broken down car

Finding things built to last is a rewarding vindication of money well spent, especially with today’s quick electronic turnover and fast fashion. Recently, a man took to the internet to explain he was finally making decent money and ready to invest in things built to last. So here are the best recommendations.

1. Anything Between You and the Ground

The number-one-voted response is investing in anything that protects you from the ground, including good shoes, tires, and a quality mattress. In addition, one specified that a mattress pad and a proper pillow are suitable investments.

2. Quality Basic Tool Set

A quality standard tool set is essential, according to many. Everyone should have, at minimum, a collection of measuring tape, screwdrivers, a hammer, sockets, a stud finder, and a cordless drill. Then, add to them as you become more sure of yourself. One elaborated to stick to renting specialty tools like a tile saw unless you’re not going to use it more than once.

3. Cast Iron Cookware

Many people in the thread suggested investing in well-made cast iron cookware, noting that it will last generations if cared for properly. One instructed that it’s not the easiest to clean but the best pan type for cooking. Another explained that Lodge is a cheaper cast iron cookware at Walmart that will suffice until ready to upgrade.

4. Top-Grain or Full-Grain Leather

One Redditor warned to avoid getting genuine leather. Instead, get top-grain or full-grain leather. Someone explained the difference using a belt to demonstrate. A top-grain belt may only cost half the price of genuine leather but will outlast it by a mile in wear and tear. They alleged it’s the difference between lasting ten years versus a hundred.

5. Olympic Weight Set and Bench

Several users stated that an Olympic weight set with a sturdy bench and squat rack is a wise investment. One clarified that they should have done this earlier. However, the pandemic forced the situation, and they’ve succeeded with IronMind’s Vulcan rack. It is versatile, strong, and portable. They also recommended the safety rails and noted that it’d saved them gym membership fees for years.

6. A Well Made Vacuum

Many people in the thread stated that Miele and Sebo are better-built brands than Dyson, and they out-clean Dyson. One suggested that Dyson is underperforming and overpriced. Furthermore, any vacuum with a spinning brush and good suction will do a better job.

7. A Reliable Pre-Owned Vehicle

woman next to broken down car
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A reliable car comes in at number seven on this Reddit list. Many noted it doesn’t necessarily need to be a new car, but one with a good reputation, from a reliable manufacturer, and with less than 100,000 miles on it.

Someone volunteered that Lexus and Toyota are their recommendations because they’ve not experienced issues with either brand. They suggested it’s “super rare” to have even minor problems with these vehicles.

8. Shaving Kit

One recommended getting a quality razor, such as a wet shave kit with a straight razor or a double-edge safety razor with quality blades. Additionally, a good shave soap and boar hair brush came highly recommended.

9. Fire Safety Equipment

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors come with a battery that can’t be removed and lasts for ten years. One person informed the thread that a two-pack is 100 dollars at Home Depot. “So invest now and don’t lose your sanity to the beeping or a family member to a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Another added getting a fire extinguisher, especially one for the kitchen. However, this isn’t a purchase for those making good money. It’s something everyone should have in the home.

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10. Get Yourself a Decent Suit

Finally, someone suggested you have at least one decent suit. I’m not sure if this is for men or a men and woman thing. They elaborated that a place like Men’s Warehouse allows you to explore different styles, and suits are properly tailored to your fitting.

We hope you enjoyed these Reddit recommendations for things built to last that everyone should have. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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