Top 10 Ridiculously Overpriced Items We Still Buy – Because Society Gives Us No Choice

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In today’s consumer-driven society, some products are so overpriced that it’s hard to understand why people still buy them. After someone asked Reddit, What is so ridiculously overpriced, yet you still purchase? These are the top-voted confessions.

1. Houses

One confessed that they have a closing on their house tomorrow and received criticism for buying it during an expensive time. However, they said that their mortgage, including insurance and property taxes, would be almost $400 cheaper than their current rent and would go up by over $100 if they chose to renew their lease in February. Additionally, they acknowledged that home prices might come down a bit next year, but it won’t be by a lot in their area.

2. Alcohol

Another suggested that alcohol, in general, is overpriced, and even beer costs are rising. They mentioned that they don’t drink anymore, but where they live, a six-pack of local craft beer used to cost $10 for something basic like a pale ale, but now the minimum price is $13-$14.

3. Groceries

Admittedly, you can’t stop buying food. But many people commented how grocery prices are ridiculously overprices.

Someone noted how food prices are high, and they watch sales and coupons on the app along with a measly 10% off. They elaborated that the costs of frozen pizza have become so high, with most of them close to $10, so they decided to learn how to make their pizza. It’s challenging, but they save a lot by eating homemade pizza four times a week.

4. Sporting Events Concessions

Several users agreed that concessions at sporting events are overpriced. Many try to eat before they go and resist the urge to buy beer, but sometimes seeing others enjoying their food and drinks makes them indulge too.

5. Health Insurance

Americans chimed in and agreed that health insurance is ridiculously overpriced. People not only still buy it but NEED to, and it sucks. One shared, “For our family of five, the insurance premiums, deductibles, and medications come to about $35,000 a year.”

6. Cars

Someone explained the cost of purchasing a brand-new car in their area is excessively high. Additionally, noting that the availability of brand-new vehicles is limited.

Furthermore, they have observed that the prices of used cars have significantly increased, with a difference of 10,000 to 12,000 dollars compared to the costs a year and a half ago, which they find unreasonable. Many agreed that it was absurd.

7. Eyeglasses

Several Redditors agreed that eyeglasses are overpriced, but like so many things, they are mandatory for some people. One found that Zenni glasses are 75-95% as good as luxury glasses but a fraction of the cost. They also pointed out that the same manufacturers make most luxury eyeglasses in China, and only boutique eyeglass houses offer unique frames.

8. Insulin

One man stated that insulin costs are too high and insurance companies make it difficult for people to get their supply. The inflation reduction act has capped insulin at $35 for a monthly supply but only for Medicare beneficiaries, and he thinks it should be available for everyone at that price. They also expressed their disappointment with the American healthcare system.

9. Graphics Cards

Some people found that graphics cards are overpriced, and despite getting better, they’re still expensive. One mentioned that half a decade ago, they bought a mid-range graphics card for their living room TV and expected it to go outdated fast.

However, chip shortages make anything more than a slight upgrade expensive. They want a card that does raytracing but only wants to pay a little for it.

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10. Concert Tickets

Finally, one man suggested that concert tickets are expensive. His wife wanted to go to a concert, and the tickets were more than $700. He compared it to when he used to go to concerts in his teens and early 20s, $50 was considered expensive, and most were around $35.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is something significant missing from this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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