10 Conspiracy Theories Educated People Believe Might Actually Be True

Many of our truths are obscured by distracting spin. In the vacuum where truth used to be, we are left with half-truths that require research. 

People are getting wise to this and bypassing the spin, and many of these people are in chat forums and message boards asking the same question: “What conspiracy theory do you believe to be 100% true?”

Here are ten conspiracy theories that the general public can’t help but believe. 

There is a post within this thread about how the authorities want to keep the conspiracy theory debate alive: “Forces are at work to keep this question visible,” jokes one conspiracy theorist.

Conspiracies Are a Great Distraction

Many online members believe this was evidenced by the recent US Air Force shooting alleged crafts from the skies — all while the Chinese Balloon-gate saga rumbled on. Distract much? 

UFOs Are Real

In one person’s mind, the handbag and purse industry is so vast because women’s clothing still has no pockets.

Women’s Pockets

With all the promises of college loan amnesty, talk surrounds the idea of free higher education for all. However, one of the discussion contributors believes they don’t want to lose an avenue “to get young Americans into the military.”

Free College Will Never Happen

So, the shamed financier hanged himself in his cell during the only time when the guards fell asleep, and the camera stopped working. “What is so far-fetched about that?” said nobody ever.

Jeffrey Epstein

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