10 ‘Expensive’ Purchases That Are Actually Worth The Money

Besides phones, computers, and games, what was the last thing you spent over $200 on and felt was worth the money? I’ll go first, my office chair.

The desk and ergonomics chair was necessary to upgrade, worth more than $200 I spent on them—side note: my chair is a comfy Serta.

After someone asked for other examples of these purchases, here are the top-voted responses from the internet.

Someone explained purchasing one a year and a half ago and how they can do all the extensive workouts in their underwear while having their first cup of coffee.

Home Gym Equipment

One woman explained that spending money on a new dishwasher was worth the $400 investment after wasting $250 on “repairing the one” that still didn’t work despite paying for the parts and labor.

A New Dishwasher

Several Autistic Redditors explained that noise-canceling headphones are life-changing pieces of equipment. One noted them as being “essential for my mental health.”

Noise-Canceling Headphones

One dad filled up his dad’s boat and took his kids and all their cousins skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing all weekend. “It’s the first time they’ve all seen each other since 2019, and they had a blast. It was worth every penny."

A Tank of Gas

Certain shots are much easier and more predictable with a sound cue than a cheap one. “My game has improved since I started playing with it, and it is paying off.”

A Handcrafted Pool Stick/Cue

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