Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs of All Time

We may currently be in a bear market, it has continued the momentum of  last year with more NFT partnerships and use cases announced.

So, what’s with all the hype? Celebrities, brands, sports teams, and gamers are minting one-of-a-kind NFTs, but you’re not alone if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about.

Save Thousands of Lives is an NFT created by Noora Health. This organization serves at-risk patients in South Asia.

Save Thousands of Live

This Changed Everything is an NFT of the source code for one of the first iterations of the World Wide Web.

This Changed Everything

Better known by his creative alias Beeple, Mike Winkelmann produced the animated NFT Crossroad.


Art Blocks’ Ringers #109 is a generative art collectible featuring black, red, and yellow circles.

Ringers #109

The buyer was none other than the one-and-only hip hop legend, global celebrity, and now NFT hype man and owner, Snoop Dogg.

Right-click and Save As Guy

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