10 Things That Are Free in Travelers’ Home Country That They Had to Pay For In Another

When we travel to different countries, we often seek unique experiences and cultural treasures distinct from each destination. It’s an enriching endeavor to explore the diversity of our world.

However, with these beautiful experiences comes culture shocks and unexpected costs. While certain things may be free or readily available in our home country, they can come with a price tag or require purchase in other countries. 

One of the drawbacks of owning a car in the United Kingdom is the necessity of finding a legal parking spot and, in most cases, paying for parking. And in certain cities, you’ll pay significantly more than in others.


European countries such as Germany charge you for water and inquire about your preference for still or mineral water, often serving it in a bottle.


The Swiss government has a system whereby every citizen is responsible for the cost of waste disposal.

Disposing of Household Garbage

There are hundreds of government-owned cottages spread out around the Netherlands, allowing residents and visitors alike unrestricted access to the country’s stunning natural scenery. These cottages may be rented or in some countries.


If you come from a place where public toilets are free, it will shock you that you must pay to use them in places like Peru and many other countries.

Public Toilets

In other “developed” countries, like the U.S., you have to pay out-of-pocket or towering insurance rates.

Health Care

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