10 Things You Should NEVER Cheap Out On

“You Get What You Pay For”

What should NOT be purchased unless you are willing to spend the money on a quality version? I’ll go first and say sushi.

To this day, one of my favorite parts of a Scrubs episode is when a guy explains the sushi he ate that made him sick and “came free with the fill-up” at a gas station.

It sounds absurd until you see it. No, thank you. Here are other top-voted examples from the internet.

Soldering equipment was voted as something you better pay for quality. One elaborated that it’s an example of a tool that “could make the job HARDER if you have a cheap version.”

Soldering Iron

Someone confessed that they had one that opened and closed at will. “Three am, and everyone is sleeping? The garage door opens. Nine pm, and I’m taking the trash to the curb? Closes and locks me out of my house.”

A Garage Door

Never buy cheap clamps. You’ll be clipping down a $40 piece of timber with a $2 clamp while cutting it with your guide.


If you plan on avoiding speeding tickets with a radar detector and laser jammer, then be prepared to spend money on quality equipment.

Radar Detector

Finally, someone stated that while cycle bikes are niche, they deserve the extra money for quality.

A Cycling Bike

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