12 Highest Paying Trade Jobs

That Don’t Require a College Degree

No degree? No problem! Welcome to the twenty-first century, where you do not need a college degree to help you secure a high-paying job.

By working hard and honing your practical skills, a myriad of placements can be found which pay generously without professional education.

With only a high-school diploma and apprenticeship requirement, this job offers a median annual salary of $60,000.

Electrician: Shockingly Good Pay

Woodwork is in demand massively and pays $49,000 yearly, but the pay can touch $80,000.

Carpenter: Nailing It!

Heating and Air conditioning systems are a vital need in today’s world. These technicians have the role of installing and maintaining them to ensure efficient operation. The median salary is $48,000.

HVAC Technician: Keeping it Cool

If you love the attention to detail and are not afraid of working with fire, this rewarding career can be an excellent choice! The median salary is $47,000.

Welder: Joining the Fun

Workers are required to ensure the efficient working of diesel engines, which are widely used in many vehicles. The median salary is $56,000.

Diesel Mechanic: Fueling Your Bank Account

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