12 In-Demand Travel Jobs: Make Money While Traveling the World

Do you wish you could travel the world but need the income from your job to support your adventures?

Here is a list of the best travel jobs for those looking to jet-set worldwide.

Nursing is an excellent career with limitless prospects. It’s an in-demand job that exists in every city, state, and country.

Travel Nurse

As a travel agent, you can help other people who don’t want to deal with all the logistics of vacation planning.

Travel Agent

If you love the thrill of experiencing new cities and cultures and  staying in a new place every night, becoming a flight attendant could be  the perfect opportunity.

Flight Attendant

What better way to travel abroad than on a cruise ship? Get paid to sail to exotic locales as a worker on a cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Worker

As a travel photographer, you could sell images of your adventures to stock photo sites or to clients directly.

Travel Photographer

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