12 Surprising Jobs that Pay Well

Who doesn’t want a high-paying job?

You’re spending most of your day working hard away from your family, and you want to be compensated well for it.

You’ve probably seen the articles with lists of jobs that pay well. It’s full of doctors, lawyers, and software engineers,

but what if that isn’t in the cards for you?

It’s still possible to earn an above-average salary without spending a decade in college or working in tech.

Here are 12 surprising jobs  that pay well.

1.  Flight Attendant

The flight attendant union predicts that by 2023, 20,000 more flight attendants will be needed.

Electrician wages are on the rise now and will be one of the jobs that pay well in the long run.

2.  Electrician

While the average American plumber makes $56,000, in the Midwest, it’s one of the best jobs that pay well.

3.  Plumber

4.  Car Technician

Being an automotive technician is one of the jobs that pay well in the U.S. In places like Alaska and New Jersey.

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