12 Unfortunate Realities About Working From Home Nobody Warns You About

After the global pandemic, thousands of people began working remotely, and many have never returned. While most don’t miss the commute, there are unspoken nuances to being home all day.

Here are some unfortunate realities about working from home that no one discusses.

“When you work from home, people assume you have the day off. ‘Can you do….’ No, I’m working. Even though I’m working on the computer at home, I am at work. People don’t seem to grasp the concept,” one replied.

The Assumption That You Have the Day Off

Someone noted, “My aunt said this happened to her because of working from home. She loves it, but after getting promoted, her days quickly turned from 8:00-5:00 to 8:00-7:00 without even stopping to eat.”

Work From Home Can Easily Become Live at Work

Another explained, “When you and your partner both work from home, you miss that natural separation of your lives. Suddenly you have much less to talk about because you’re living your lives together more than previously.”

You Miss That Natural Separation of Lives With Your Partner

“My wife works from home, and it seems like a very sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes, she doesn’t even have to get dressed,” one suggested.

You Can Accidentally Become a Shut-In

“Now, I walk from my bed to the shower, the shower to my office, the office to my man cave. If I had a Fitbit, it might get as high as 50 steps by lunch.”

Accidental Exercise

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