13 Amazing Apps to Make Extra Cash

There’s no shortage of apps to make money these days. And given that 96% of Americans now own smartphones,

you are primed and ready to start doing just that!

But despite all the money-making methods out there,

some are decidedly better than others.

You probably can’t make a full-time living using apps,

but you can ease the financial burden in a variety of ways.

What’s the Catch?

If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true,  it isn’t.

With surveys, in particular, you are providing valuable input about market trends.

Brands can’t read your mind, after all. They need to know what their potential customers want.

The biggest red flag to look out for is a survey asking for your contact information.

Don’t Be Fooled By Money Making Scams

See, a lot of these apps can be partially (or totally) automated, then they simply reward you for doing the things you were already doing.

Why Use Apps To Make Money?

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