13 Recession-Proof Stocks to Weather the Storm

In times of turmoil, people worry about their investments, money, and their financial futures.

Are you worried about a recession destroying your portfolio?

In times of trouble like these, some companies can bring some stability.

These companies are part of a group of recession-proof stocks to help you ride out the rockiness of the recession.

Recessions happen within the market. In the 2000s, we have faced three  different recessions,

and each one comes with challenges, so make sure you are prepared for a downturn.

Industries That Do  Well in Recessions

Recessions tend to bring uncertainty to most investors. They do not know when they will end or when they  will start.

With much loss of jobs, people go to buying much cheaper things. So the industries that will do well are  more affordable retail markets.

People realize with money tight. It is easier for them to save by doing home improvement projects themselves.

13 Recession-Proof Stocks 1. Walmart (WMT)

When a recession hits, Walmart tends to do better. This is because their prices are  low and therefore people would prefer to  shop there.

2. Target (TGT)

Target is that more excellent version of Walmart. The staff is kind, the prices are reasonable, and you have a better feeling of  shopping here.

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