How to Save Money on a Car: 13 Tips

Buying a car can be one of the biggest purchases you make. Consider that the average cost of a new car in December 2021 was $47,000.

If you’re getting anxious, worrying about how to save money on a car, go no further. We’ve got this.

A used vehicle can be much cheaper than a new one. Yes, you may have figured that one out.

Get a Used Car 

Trade in a Used Car 

If you have a car that you’re looking to replace, consider trading it in with your dealership for credit toward a new vehicle.

The sticker price of the car isn’t the only cost you’ll face when you  buy a vehicle. Research financing programs through your bank and other  lenders.

Compare Financing Programs 

You won’t have a monthly auto payment or owe any interest, which means you ultimately spend less money.

Pay for Your Car with Cash 

Before you buy a car, arm yourself with key information. First, know  your budget and be willing to stick to it. Next, research pricing and  financing in your area.

Negotiate with the Dealer 

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