Here are 16 of the Best Safe Investments With High Returns

Are you looking for ways to have an additional income stream aside from your day job?

Why not try investing your money?

If you are hesitant because of  the risk,

there are safe investments with high returns for you to try.

1.  High Yield Savings Account

One of the investment options with the lowest risk is a high yield savings account.

High yield savings accounts are great if you’re saving up for something big or if you’re temporarily storing your cash.

While a savings account isn’t necessarily an investment, you can earn a modest interest rate without risking your money.

Certificate of Deposits (CD) are closely related to the savings accounts but have higher interests.

2. Certificates Of Deposits

Their advantage is that they are usually very liquid.

The FDIC also insures Cds. That means they are practically risk-free.

3.  US Savings Bonds

The US treasury issues the securities to fund the government’s operations.

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