19 Exciting Car Games for Kids for Your Next Road Trip

A long car ride may not be the most exciting activity, but they’re especially challenging for kids to sit through.  

Kids need stimulation and entertainment to keep them from going wild. This list of car games for kids is the perfect tool to keep their minds busy while they wait. 

I Spy

An original, but still great! It doesn’t require any prep work and little to no adult interaction (if you have more than one child).  

License Plate Games

There are quite a few license plate games to choose from, so you can pick one or do them all! There is never a shortage of license plates on a road trip.

Would You Rather

Would you rather questions are fun for any age, but it’s entertaining to hear kids answer them. Their answers will surprise you and probably give you a good laugh. 

20 Questions

20 Questions is another oldie, but a good one nevertheless! To play, choose whose turn it is, and have them think of a person, place, or thing.  


Trivia is a fun way for your kids to learn new things. Print out a list of trivia questions ahead of time that revolves around the children’s interests.  

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