20 Movies People Loved But Refused to Watch Again

There are many great movies out there that everyone should see at least once. But sometimes, once is enough.

Whether it’s a disturbing plotline, emotional rollercoaster, or  surprise ending you can’t unsee, here are twenty movies people said they  loved but would never watch again.

"The scene when Andy gets beaten is brutal and the main reason I can’t  watch the movie again. It is just ferocious, and seeing that on screen  was tough."

The Shawshank Redemption

"I saw Se7en more than 20 years ago, but I can still recall certain  scenes vividly. Not too many movies can leave a mark like that."


“Great story and acting. But still haunted by it today!”

The Shining

"Any movie with the dog as a main character. The dog dies in the end. Always. But I need to see it at least once."

My Dog Skip

"Heath Ledger did an amazing job at playing The Joker role (literally one  of the best I’ve seen), but his portrayal of the villain was quite  disturbing."

Batman: The Dark Knight

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