20 Travel Destinations Across the U.S. For Cheap Fun-Filled Vacations

With over 19,000 cities in America, there are many fantastic places for a vacation outside of expensive towns like Waikiki or San Diego.

Don’t drain all your savings, or even worse, go into credit card debt.

Here are 20 Cheap Travel Destinations across America to inspire your next fun-filled and budget-friendly vacation!

1. Florida’s Jacksonville

Whether you’re an explorer, historian, beach, or salt-life lover, Jacksonville has 22 miles of beach, an extensive park system, fishing, museums, and even a craft beer scene.

Ocala has so many free things for visitors to do! Stroll through Tuscawilla Art Park in the historic Art District, and enjoy the sculptures throughout nature.

2. Florida’s Ocala

3.Florida’s Orlando

You can get your Disney, LEGO, or Universal Studios fix for free at Disney Springs, Disney Boardwalk, or Universal City Walk, all chock full of tourist attractions.

4. Idaho’s Twin Falls

While you could spend your entire trip swimming, hiking, boating, or relaxing in Shoshone Falls Park, this affordable destination has a long list of free hiking and  outdoor sites.

5. Iowa’s Council Bluffs

Train-lovers will enjoy the free-of-charge Union Pacific Railroad museum featuring 150 years of history and interactive exhibits.

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