27 Places that Give you Free Birthday Stuff

It’s your birthday or soon to be! If your birthday is around the corner, you might have plans to celebrate your birthday. You want it to be a memorable birthday.

Below is a list of places you can sign up or join their reward program to get free birthday stuff. Be aware that you must sign up a month or seven days before your birthday in some places.

When you sign up for Pretzel Perks, you can get a fantastic deal (buy-one-get-one-free pretzel) on your birthday.

Auntie Anne 

If you are part of the Birthday Club, you want to enjoy a free scoop of ice cream at Baskins-Robbins.


You can celebrate your special day with a 15% off coupon on clothes, shoes, furniture, and more!


If you love pop culture, music, gaming, anime, and so forth, you don’t want to miss out on your birthday the special deal from Hot Topic.

Hot Topic

If you love going to the movie with your friends and family, you’ll be excited about what AMC offers on your birthday.

AMC Theater

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