3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In –  Can You Handle the Risk?

By now, most investors have probably heard about cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are pervasive in news headlines as an asset to invest in for the future. 

So, which cryptocurrencies should you invest in, and which should you avoid? First, we will discuss what a cryptocurrency is and its risks. 

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital money or virtual currency. It is a digital asset stored on a network of distributed computers. 

Risk of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Like any investable asset, there exist risks to an investor. Early on, cryptocurrencies had a reputation for being used in criminal activities.  

3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In


Bitcoin has the longest track record and has the largest market share of digital currencies.  


Ethereum is the second most common cryptocurrency to invest in, with about 19.5% market share.  

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