3 Ways to Make Money With Real Estate

Want to learn how to turn $40,000 into $750,000 with just one rental property?

That’s the power of real estate, and the subject of the case study later on in the post.

It can be as easy as clicking a button to buy a stock.

But real estate investing doesn’t always mean dealing with tenants, toilets, and termites.

So how does real estate generate such great returns over time? Here are the 4 main wealth generators:

The 4 Wealth Generators of Real Estate Ownership

After paying the bills, the left-over amount is considered the cash flow income.

1. Cash Flow

If you have a mortgage on a property, part of your expense is the mortgage payment.

2.  Loan Pay-Down

Over time, the value of your property will increase.

3.  Appreciation

Real estate investing comes with some hefty tax advantages.

4. Tax Benefits