30 Day Money Saving Challenge

Save $1,000 in a Month!

So how do you make saving money fun? You turn it into a:


Click below to download the free printable to go along with the 30 day money saving challenge.

Step 1. Download the Free Printable

Studies show that having a clear, written goal is incredibly important to stay motivated.

Step 2.  Write Down Your Goal

(1) remember it

Part of the psychology that will help you is to actually write  it down.  This helps you,

 (2) own the goal

If writing down your goal is important, defining your why is even more important.

Step 3.  Define Your “Why”

Whatever it is, try  to think a little  deeper than the  surface level.

Spend some time really thinking about the why behind your money saving challenge goal.

Further down in this article is a list of a bunch of ways to get you jump-started saving money.

Step 4.  Write Down Your Money Saving Plan