5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Have A Side Hustle 

Tens of thousands of U.S. physicians are actively discussing their passion projects on Facebook groups like Passive Income Docs, Physician Side Gigs, and Physicians on FIRE.

Why, when their main jobs pay so well and take up so much of their time, are medical doctors turning to side hustles as a supplement to their day (and night) jobs as physicians?

Whatever the side hustle, there are a handful of reasons your doctor may very well have more than one job.

Your doctor may be working a side job simply to avoid treating their school debt like a mortgage.

Doctors are Deep in Debt

Perhaps what they really wanted to do in life didn’t translate well to an actual career. That’s where the side hustle can come into play.

Personal Fulfillment

After a lifetime of people-pleasing and achievement, your doctor wants to accomplish something more. That’s where a side hustle can be invaluable.

A Goal-Driven Nature

A side hustle can allow an employed physician to open another type of retirement account, such as a solo 401(k) or SEP IRA, with earnings from the extra income.

Another Retirement Account

Later in their careers, some doctors may decide to scratch the itch to try their hand at another profession entirely.

A Transition to an Encore Career

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