7 Lessons from The Richest Man in Babylon

Originally written as a series of pamphlets, the parables were eventually collected into a book.

The book provides many timeless lessons about spending, saving, and investing to build wealth.

Here is a summary of the main lessons from The Richest Man in Babylon:

1. Pay Yourself First

2. Live Within  Your Means

3. Put Your Money to Work

4. Keep Your  Money Safe

5. Be a Homeowner

6. Insure Your Future Income

6. Improve Your Skills to Earn More Income

If you don’t follow it, you will never escape the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Lesson 1  Pay Yourself First

By adjusting your mindset, you will be satisfying your desires and still living within your means.

Lesson 2  Live Within Your Means

Through the power of compound interest, your assets will provide a steady stream of income.

Lesson 3  Put Your Money to Work

Building true wealth is usually a slow, steady process.

Lesson 4 Keep Your Money Safe