8 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

My college professor once said you know when you’re an adult when you have a mortgage.

His comment couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Not knowing the right questions to ask when buying a house is financially unwise.

Although, for  many people, homeownership is a significant milestone in  their life.

1.  How Much Can I Afford?

This question may seem to be the most obvious every potential homebuyer should ask.

But, unfortunately, it’s not unheard of a person falling in with a house for sale without looking at their finances.

This situation is often referred to as “house poor.”

You most likely will be financing your home purchase.

Pre-Approval Letter

However, the amount on the letter shouldn’t dictate what you can buy.

The pre-approval letter will let you know how much a lender is willing to lend you.

Mortgage Payment

The mortgage payment is the monthly payment you’ll be making to the bank.

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