8 Simple Tips to Save Money at Aldi

Can you really save money at Aldi? That’s what I decided to find out a few years ago for my family.

I love a good deal and I am competitive, especially with myself.

My husband tracks all of our expenses and categorizes them.

And this is when my competitiveness kicks in. I want to get the number lower and “beat” our previous month of spending.

Our Grocery Spending Problem

It seemed that every month the number was going up and up. I tried to reason or explain why our spending was increasing.

Making the Switch to Aldi

I had always been a little wary of Aldi, and thought there was some catch or that the food wouldn’t be fresh.

In hopes of helping our grocery budget, I decided to try  out Aldi.

To my surprise, our grocery spending changed dramatically! We were able to cut our spending by $100 a month just by changing where we shopped.

I haven’t been disappointed in the quality or selection that Aldi offers.

Why I Learned to Love Shopping at Aldi

One of the best things about shopping at Aldi is that you can pretty much guarantee you are getting the best price on whatever you find.

#1  They have consistently low prices

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