80+ Personal Budget Categories

Are you ready to get your personal budget under control, but are overwhelmed when you think of where to start?

When it came to all of the small expenses, there were always surprises each month that I had to account for.

First things first, you should have  a handle on all your various sources of income and how much you expect  to bring in each month.


The first of the “Big 3” categories (housing, food, and  transportation), housing generally accounts for 30% or more of your  household budget.


Transportation is a big category – if you live in a big city maybe this includes bus/subway fare and Uber/Lyft.


Everyone has to eat. But I’ll be honest, this is one of the personal  budget categories that quickly gets out of control in our house.


While there are lots of ways to trim your budget when it comes to saving water or electricity, you still need them to live.


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