“Gen Z Has No Idea”: 7 Best Things From the 1980s – That Are Never Coming Back


The 80s were a vibrant and unforgettable time filled with unique experiences that hold a special place in people’s hearts. From the neon fashion trends to iconic music and entertainment, we look back on so many little things with nostalgia.

Cassette Tapes

Ah, the epitome of portable music in the 80s. Before CDs and digital streaming, music lovers cherished their carefully curated cassette collections.

Several sitcoms branded the 80s. The Cosby Show and Cheers, which included the witty banter between Sam and Diane, are some fan favorites.



Before YouTube and streaming platforms took over, MTV was music channels’ crème de la crème. In the 80s, MTV was a cultural phenomenon, showcasing the latest music videos and hosting live performances.

Professional wrestling might have witnessed a decline in this present time, but it held crowds down in the 80s. Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man,” Randy Savage, and The Ultimate Warrior became household names back then.


The 80s were a neon explosion, with vibrant colors illuminating everything from fashion to interior design. Neon signs lit up the streets, and neon clothing and accessories became iconic symbols of the era.


Nintendo changed lives when they dropped a double feature: Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Of course, anyone who remembers the Duck Hunt game remembers the dog that laughs at you.


Remember the simple joys of playing Waterfuls Ring Toss? This handheld water game captured the essence of the 80s.

Waterfuls Ring Toss

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