Absolute Best Online Surveys That Pay Cash

Question: Are there still legitimate online surveys that pay cash in 2022? Answer: Yes!

Before I go on a rant about why I think most paid survey sites are a waste of time, let me cut to the chase…

This is my favorite survey company, and also one of the largest. There  are always surveys available, which is a problem with some of the other  survey companies.

Survey Junkie

I like Swagbucks because there are a ton of different ways to earn  points. They also offer surveys, but you can also make money by watching  videos, playing games, or even browsing the web.


Taking online surveys is not a ticket to endless wealth. Sure, you could  probably make $1000 a month if you made it your full time job.

The Honest Truth About Paid Survey

There are certainly some outliers (if you get lucky and get picked for the right survey you can make $20-50, but it is rare).

Online surveys typically pay about $4-7 an hour

If you’re the typical busy professional or student, you only have little bits of time during the day.

You’re probably not going to do more than an hour of surveys a day

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