Why Alternative Investments Are Not Just for the Wealthy

In the beginning, alternative investments were only available to what most would consider the wealthy.

We hear a lot these days about alternative investments. Wall  Street firms regularly tout their expertise in these investments and try  to convince us we need them in our portfolio.

The funds have a management team and invest in things that are different from the stock and bond markets.

What Are Alternative Investments?

Crowdfunded real estate investment trusts are the primary vehicle for these investments.

Crowdfunding – The Game Changer

Vinovest offers a unique alternative investment in assets; one would normally not consider an investment class.


Both FundRise and DiversyFund are crowdfunded real estate funds. Investors can invest in these funds with as little as $500.

Fundrise and DiversyFund

Fundrise has invested over $2.5 billion to date and has a history of above-average returns.


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