Are You Sure You Want that Big Promotion?

I think in our culture we are all conditioned to climb the corporate ladder at all costs.

But is that really the right decision for you?

but for you it may be your dream job.

Taking that next promotion is a very personal decision. For me, it wasn’t worth the money,

What is the Senior Level?

 Traditionally, a senior level within an organization would carry a title which may include the following:

- Chief of Something  - President - Vice President - Director - Some combination of the word senior attached to one of the above title

Based on personal experience,

I would expect approximately 3-5% of individuals to fit the senior level categorization in a given organization.

Again, when I say big promotion, I’m explicitly referring to getting promoted into that senior-level echelon of a corporation.

Think You’re Ready???

Higher pay Recognition  Prestige  Challenging Work

This type of promotion indeed carries some benefits:

However, the above benefits come at a  high cost.

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