12 Ideas to Travel for Free

There are many ways to travel for free with proven ideas that you should  know if you want to save some money while exploring the world.

The next slides will share how to travel for free (almost) using proven  methods like volunteering, credit card bonuses, or rewards points  programs. So let’s get right to it.

That isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are not shy about asking  friends and family for contacts overseas, you may be able to swing a  free stay or two.

Leverage Your Social or Alumni Network

You may have heard of ‘house sitting,’ but 99% of hosts who want house sitters are actually looking for pet sitters.

Become a House and Pet Sitter

This site started the original community of travelers who offer up their homes for other travel.

Couch Surf

There are tons of credit cards with travel reward options out there that  earn you points simply for using your card for your everyday expenses.

Cash in Free Flights or Hotel Stay

Whatever your skills, you can leverage them to make money on the road with sites like Fiverr and TaskRabbit.

Leverage Your Skills

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