How My Bookkeeping Side Hustle Allowed Me to Quit My Job

If you’re looking for a great way to make money from home, a bookkeeping side hustle could be a great option.

I wanted to share a personal interview from someone who went from zero  experience, to working as a bookkeeper on the side of his day job, to quitting his job to do bookkeeping full time!

Nate Hendrikse is the mastermind behind Navigator Bookkeeping, where he helps small business owners take the stress out of their bookkeeping.

Nate started his career as a teacher, but when he realized he didn’t love it, he decided to start a bookkeeping business on the side from home.

After a few years, he had built up enough clients to take the leap and quit his teaching job to go full-time into bookkeeping.

He now makes around $75 per hour and enjoys the flexibility of working from home and owning his own business.

Bookkeeping is a great career where you’re able to help clients improve their businesses and their lives while also giving  yourself great flexibility.

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