6 Boomer Opinions – That Older Millennials Are Starting to Agree With


One thing I’m a boomer about is how I talk. Sorry, but I will never bother about where to insert ‘bussin’ or any other cool words into a conversation.

My vanilla language works. After an internet user prompted users to give their boomer stands, here’s what they had to say.

A commenter states that physical knobs cost less and are much easier to operate.

All Car Controls Don’t Need To Be Touchscreen

With kids, you can never win. You think you’re buying their silence by giving them an iPad, but now they want to listen at the loudest volume.

Kids and Their Annoying Electronic

Eyes Everywhere

A videographer and photographer expresses that it’s too bad if something happens in public that you wouldn’t like the world to see.

One man adds that he refuses to use Siri, Alexa, or any other voice activation. He expounds that turning on this feature means that it’s constantly listening.

Voice Recognition

Cashiers often ask whether he’s sure and turn a five-minute interaction into a ten-minute hassle discussing points and data.

Every Purchase Comes With an Account

While they understand how it helped manage contamination during the pandemic, now it feels like a shortcut.

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