Can I Work and Collect Social Security in 2021?

With such a large percentage of Americans struggling to save for retirement,

it’s clear that many of these individuals will need to work far past the full retirement age.

By the end of this article, you will be able to answer the question for yourself and your loved ones.

This harsh reality begs the question: Can I work and collect social security?

What is Social Security?

The original purpose of Social Security was as a retirement plan for workers aged 65 or older.

At What Age Can You Take Social Security?

For those not on disability, you can begin drawing Social Security benefits at age 62 at the earliest.

they will be reduced by a small percentage for each month before your full retirement age you take them.

However, if you decide to start receiving benefits early,

Social Security calculates benefits using two factors:

How are Benefits Calculated?

(1)  The amount you earned during your working career

(2)  The age you begin taking benefits

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