10 Celebrities Billionaires Whose Net Worth Is Off the Charts

“The Richest of the Rich”

These individuals have amassed their fortunes through multiple means, such as movies, music, beauty, fashion lines, sports teams, and investments.

Despite the different backgrounds and fields, they all have one thing in common – their impressive net worth, making them some of the wealthiest people in the world.

He has a net worth of $7.25 billion and a $150 million yearly salary. He is the co-founder of the film production business DreamWorks Studios. 

Steven Spielberg

He owns a golf iron line with TaylorMade and Payne’s Valley, the first golf course he designed. As one of the most famous athletes, he has earned $1.7 billion in salary over his 27-year career. 

Tiger Woods

According to Forbes, he has a net worth of $1 billion. Perry’s fortune is primarily derived from his earnings as a producer since he owns everything he has developed.

Tyler Perry

The filmmaker is worth $1.5 billion. Peter Jackson sold his visual effects business, Weta Digital, to Unity Software for $1.62 billion.

Peter Jackson

Second to Oprah Winfrey, the SavagexFenty brand founder bags millions through the proceeds from her numerous musical hits and tours. Her feats show that she really does have the Midas touch.


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