6 Cities the Middle-Class Can No Longer Afford to Live


Inflation, currency exchange rates, supply chain disruptions, energy prices, and geopolitical events are just a few of the elements that can significantly affect the cost of living in various places worldwide.

These locations are among the world’s most costly cities in 2024.

New York topped ECA International’s Cost of Living Rankings for 2023 due to its skyrocketing inflation and soaring accommodation expenses.

New York,  United State

Land in Singapore is scarce and natural resources are limited, making the cost of living in Singapore high.


Hong Kong, China

The very inflated real estate market is a major contributor since it drives up the cost of finding a place to live.

The capital city of Switzerland has an abundance of costly variables that contribute to Geneva’s high cost of living, including the city’s prosperous economy, high incomes, restricted housing supply, high taxes, and high import duties.

Geneva, Switzerland

The fact that it serves as the global financial center is certainly a plus. Its ability to attract investment from both the West and the East simultaneously makes its markets unique.

Westminster, United Kingdom

Several factors contribute to Zurich’s status as one of the world’s most expensive cities, including high salaries and consumers’ purchasing power; high population density driving up prices of land and real estate; foreign producers and suppliers imposing significant price increases in Switzerland.

Zurich, Switzerland

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