Dad Spends Daughter’s $30k College Tuition to Remodel Kitchen

Jane’s parents had set aside 30,000 dollars in a college tuition account for her. But instead, her parents used the money to remodel their kitchen after Jane moved in with her boyfriend, despite her parent’s advice not to.

When Jane realized what her parents had done, she was shocked and angry. She asked for access to her college tuition account.

Still, her parents refused, citing their previous conversation where they explicitly stated that they would use the money for something else if she dropped out of college.

Jane’s parents advised her to attend a cheaper college or work part-time while attending school to help pay for her tuition. Additionally, her mother has offered to help her financially.

Still, the father is hesitant as they are approaching retirement age and a little behind on their retirement goals.

The father has also offered to let Jane stay at their house for free so she can focus on paying for college.

However, Jane has been ignoring her mother’s phone calls, and the father is now questioning if he is the jerk in the situation. Here is how the internet responded to his concern.

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