11 Dumbest Purchases People Instantly Regretted

And Still Haunt Them to This Day

Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal their most hilariously dumb purchases that they not only instantly regretted but were haunted by for years to come.

Can you relate to any of the purchases on this list?

“As a dumb 21-year-old on a pittance of a wage, I once took out a loan so I could spend $350 on a necklace and earrings for a girl I liked because I thought it would make her realize she was in love with me,” he admits. “It didn’t work.”

Jewelry for a Crush

People who shell out large amounts of cash for their “dream project” are more likely to sell the vehicle at a loss when they lose interest or when it becomes prohibitively expensive to continue.

A Project Car

Countless people regret putting money into cryptocurrency, mainly because it has yet to prove it has real use cases.


“My exercise bike got used maybe twice and then just sat in the dining room, and I’d hang things like my handbag or the dog’s leash on it until my boyfriend sold it to someone at work.”

An Exercise Bike

If you want to go down this road, ensure your purchase reflects your skill level! Trust me, you’ll sound just as horrible playing a $100 guitar as a $500 one.

An Expensive Musical Instrument

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