“Failing on Every Level” – 6 States With the Worst Education in the Nation


Many states offer excellent higher education opportunities, while others suffer subpar educational standards. These states can be influenced by factors such as the overall state income or the percentage of residents in that state who hold some type of degree.

With a lack of funding, the schools cannot get the supplies and teachers needed to get the kids ready to move on to elementary school. Additionally, only 79.7% of students graduate, one of the country’s lowest percentiles.


Arizona has about 79.4% of students raised by English-speaking families, one of the country’s lowest. The schools do not provide extra help for these students to speak English. This may explain their low graduation rate, with 79.5% of students walking at graduation.


Tennessee has one of the nation’s lowest bachelor degree holder percentages, with only 26.2% of adults obtaining a degree. Their low ranking is believed to be because of the parent’s lack of involvement with their children’s education.



Nevada’s bad education reputation is due to its terrible public school funding. The state holds the second-lowest graduation rate at a low 73.6%. The state spends the fifth most minuscule amount on each school annually, which may contribute to the meager graduation rate.

Oklahoma is lagging in the math department, with only about a fourth of eighth graders and about a third of fourth graders’ scores reflecting they are proficient in math.


The quality of schools within Alabama has been ranked in the bottom five in the entire nation. Its math scores are the lowest in the country, with just about 26% of fourth and 17% of eighth graders scoring proficient in math.


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