Everything I’ve Ever Done to Make Money

I think I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind, but was too  shy/introverted/scared to execute on many of my ideas when I was  younger.

From big (real estate investing) to small (credit card rewards), I’m  always looking for new ways to put a little extra money away. Here they  are in mostly-chronological order.

I would iron my dad’s work shirts at 25 cents each. Even back then, that was a pitiful hourly wage.

Ironed My Dad’s Shirts

$20 here and $50 there really added up when the only expenses I had were toys and candy.

Asked for Money for All Holidays

My first “real” job after turning 16 and getting a car was at a summer camp.

Grunt Labor at a Summer Camp / Retreat Center

I did this for a year or two on the side of my other jobs and it provided some nice extra income.

Mowed Lawns

I applied to a local grocery store and got the job – bumping my income up to $7 an hour (and $8 on Sunday!) I was making bank.

Cashier at a Grocery Store

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