Everything I’ve Ever Done to Make Money

I’ve still racked up a lot of different normal and not-so-normal jobs  and side hustles to make money outside of my full time career.

From big (real estate investing) to small (credit card rewards), I’m  always looking for new ways to put a little extra money away. Here they are in mostly-chronological order!

I would iron my dad’s work shirts at 25 cents each. Even back then, that was a pitiful hourly wage.

Ironed My Dad’s Shirt

Asked for Money for All Holidays

This was probably my major source of income before I was old enough to  get a real job. Birthdays and Christmas were major drivers of my  adolescent net worth.

I would work in the kitchen and dining hall, setting up tables, serving  food, washing dishes, and anything else they told me to do.

Grunt Labor at a Summer Camp

I did this for a year or two on the side of my other jobs and it provided some nice extra income.

Mowed Lawns

What you won’t see here is the 5 year old kid selling chewing gum by the stick, or going door to door selling pet sitting services.

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