Excellent Meal Ideas To Save Money

It’s frustrating to spend so much money on a few staple items at the grocery store. While you can’t control food costs in a volatile market, you can save your budget with some creative meal planning and cheap dinner ideas. 

These cheap dinner ideas come from frugal ingredients where the meat is  versatile and allows you to shop according to the current market  prices.

Many combinations of meats and veggies work together to make a hearty dinner. Some crockpot meals, such as chili, can be used later in the week to create new dishes, such as topping for nachos or potatoes.

Cheap Crockpot Meals

One easy sheet pan meal and known comfort food that combines chicken, a flaky pie crust, and vegetables is chicken pot pie.

Easy Cheap Casseroles

The most significant expense is your chicken but it remains a cost-effective meal with veggies and a homemade or store-bought crust. 

A Sloppy Joe is a meat mixture with added sauces to create a tangy flavor. It’s eaten on hamburger buns or bread and served with chips, fries, or tater tots, making it a fun kid-friendly meal. 

Sandwich Ideas for Dinner

A breakfast casserole combines eggs, sausage, cheeses, and croissants to make an all-in-one pan dish that can feed a family of 4. These are items you would need to buy when they are on sale to keep this an affordable dinner choice. 

Breakfast for Dinner Ideas

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