6 Millionaire Athletes You’d Never Guess Are Frugal – They ‘Live Like They’re Broke’


It’s understandable to imagine that athletes live lavish lives. Professional football, soccer, hockey, basketball, or baseball players can get paid a lot.

Some talented individuals live that lifestyle, but a smaller percentage go against expectations. A few of these pros are pretty frugal. Here are some notable frugal athletes.

Rodgers doesn’t go to expensive grocery stores but rather to his local grocery store. Instead, Rodgers prefers casual restaurants.

Aaron Rodgers

While he was wrestling, the man could amass a good chunk of cash. He doesn’t live in a mansion, and his home is pretty modest.

Daniel Bryan

He’s saving a lot of his money, and one low-cost thing he does with his cash is going to Mcdonald’s. He’s even been spotted by fans while eating there.

Joe Flacco

The man is so frugal that he rarely spends money on clothes. When he does buy shoes or clothes, he wears them down until they’re rags.

Rob Gronkowski

LeBron prefers to invest in income-producing assets from wellness, movies, restaurants, and sports ownership to become the best businessman in the NBA today.

LeBron James

Nelson knows hard work and hasn’t stopped being a helping hand to his family. Nelson sometimes works the farm when he’s injured, which shows the world how much he values hard work.

Jordy Nelson

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