Ghost Kitchens: All You Need to Know About The Trend That’s Disrupting the Restaurant Industry

Ghost kitchens are basically restaurants  that don’t do dine-in. Instead, these eateries take customers’ orders online and only serve food via delivery or takeout.

We will discuss the benefits of ghost kitchens and all the things you need to know about them before starting your own business!  

Ghost kitchens can be standalone businesses, or they can be affiliated with a traditional restaurant.

Ghost Restaurant vs. Traditional Restaurant

Firstly, they’re much cheaper to set up and run than traditional restaurants. Without a dining area, ghost  kitchens can be smaller and require less staff. 

The growing appeal of Ghost Kitchen

Whereas legacy restaurants try to pick spots with high pedestrian traffic, ghost kitchens can choose to get  close to food production facilities instead.

The growing appeal of Ghost Kitchen

Cutting kitchen management costs is a  big plus for ghost kitchens. They employ less cooking staff and have a  more straightforward kitchen layout.

Pros & Cons of Ghost Kitchen

Business owners need to get creative in their marketing efforts so potential customers know about their menu and meal plan options.

Pros & Cons of Ghost Kitchen

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