12 Boldest Scams In Modern History – That People Got Away With

The saddest thing about scams is that there are victims. Otherwise, some are a magnificent display of how shrewd people can be.

In an online community discussion, people highlighted some of the biggest scams in history. Are you aware of these?

A commenter says that Victor Lustig had a scheme where he sold people a box with a machine that could duplicate any currency.

Victor Lustig’s Money Duplicating Machine

The only catch was that printing took about six to ten hours to buy him time to escape. People with too much money and little sense were embarrassed to come forward after realizing they’d been scammed.

One of them writes that they know a guy’s brother who took his own life because Scientology wiped out his accounts and was pestering him for more money.

The Church of Scientology

Known as the Poyais Scheme, one explains how MacGregor presented his world as a fantasy novel series in the early 1800s and used it to entice hundreds of people to sail across the Atlantic and settle in a country that didn’t exist.

Gregor MacGregor’s Fake Country

After pulling this, he applied for citizenship and restoration to his military rank in Venezuela, with back pay and a pension. He died peacefully with full military honors.

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