Health is More Important Than Wealth

3 Surprising Reasons Why

There are all kinds of articles written in the personal finance space about the importance of money, and building wealth.

And that is not  a bad thing.

The old proverb that health is more important than wealth is certainly true.

But I rarely see anything written  with the intent of putting money in its proper place in  the balance of  our lives.

At some level, I think we  know this,

but unfortunately it can take a tragedy to make us really believe that it’s true and change how we live.

What Is Health?

We usually think of health in a physical sense. That is certainly part of it, but there are many more aspects to health.

Psychologists point to many different aspects of health, but some of the main  ones are:

Physical Mental Emotional Social Spiritual

If you really think about it, your most important asset is YOU – and more specifically your health.

Why Health Is More Important Than Wealth

If you look at the habits of successful people, many of them revolve around diet, exercise, meditation, and taking time out for friends and family.

1. Without Health, You Can’t Build Wealth

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