Here Are 40 Great Jobs for Retirees

Retirement and the concept of transitioning to the next phase of life are undergoing reevaluation.

Are you a retiree but still want  to work?

People either delay their retirement to a later age or “retire early” after finding financial independence through the FIRE movement.

According to a Transamerica Center For Retirement Studies survey, many workers expect to retire after age 65 or never retire.

40 Great Jobs For Retirees 1. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are those who manage accounts, invoices, payroll, and other financial records for businesses. These jobs pay up to $20 per hour.

2. Join a Board

According to the National Association of Corporate Directors, compensation can go up to $115,000 for a large private company seat on the Board.

3. Business or Management Consultant

Leveraging what you know to advise on business processes or dealing with the people side of the organization  to develop training or organizational culture can be a win-win solution.

4. Administrative Assistant/ Secretary

They help in multiple ways by organizing, completing tasks, scheduling appointments, coordinating meetings, performing bookkeeping, and create filing.

5. Logistics Supervisor

The logistics supervisor oversees daily operations at manufacturing plants and warehouses, coordinating shipments of products.

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