Here Are the Best Ways to Get Free Books Online

I absolutely love reading!

And I continually search for the best ways to get free books online.

Why? Because books can be  pretty expensive!

I have a Kindle, which I love. A Kindle or an e-reader has so many perks that makes it such a great thing to own.

It is also extremely light to if anyone has issues holding heavy books, this is a huge bonus.

Kindles are also great if you don’t have a lot of space.

Now that I’ve sold you on the perks of reading books digitally,

here are some of the best places to get free books online.

Many public library systems use Overdrive for their ebook collections.

1.  Overdrive

like to use the Libby app to use Overdrive from my phone.

You can easily download free books from your library system.

is a digital library that uploads free public domain ebooks to make them available to the public.

2.  Project Gutenberg

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