How to Take Your Garage Sale to the Next Level

Having a garage sale is simple. You open your garage, throw some signs up, and wait for people to come.

Like most things in life, though, if you put a little effort in, you will get rid of your items quicker and make more money.

With a few tricks, you can go above and beyond an average garage sale and make it one to remember!

When to Consider Having a Garage Sale

if you’ve got the time and have a ton of things to get rid of, a garage sale is your best bet!

A reasonable amount of time to expect to spend on your garage sale is 20-40 hours if you’re having a two-day sale.

It will take several hours to go through your items, set everything up,  and promote it.

Once you’re ready to have a sale, the next step is to pick a date.

Planning Your Garage Sale

Weekends are the best time to have a garage sale.

Make sure you check the weather forecast so you can plan around the weather.

Since you’re taking the time, you might as well go through every item in your house and decide if you want to keep it or get rid of it.

Declutter Your House and Organize the Items

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